Times may change, but DNA continues forever

Along with surrounding buildings, such as the Parnas complex and the Atrium, Prinses Irenestraat 59 is one of the oldest buildings in the Zuidas. Originally designed in the 1970s, it is now heading for a bright, new future.

The Past

Typical of the 1970s, PI59 is built in the brutalist style, with a clear nod to the industrial design of the 60’s. To add elements of eccentricity and playfulness, Le Grand & Selle incorporated asymmetric architectural recesses and projections. This gives the building its distinctive shape and presence.

Previously the address of law and accountancy firms, PI59 has been home to the Amsterdam International Community School since 2003.

The Future

A lot has changed in the Zuidas over the last fifty years. PI59 has been a silent witness to its transformation into Amsterdam’s thriving financial heart. A dynamic commercial, retail and residential district.

With the AICS’s new location currently under construction, now is the time for another major episode in the building’s history. Works will commence in 2022, and after a projected construction period, a brand new PI59 will emerge and open its doors in Q1 2024.

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