The kick-off of the beautiful transformation at Prinses Irenestraat 59

9 May 2022

Movement is arising on the plot of Princess Irenestraat 59. After a period of preparatory work, Monday the 2nd of May was finally there. In collaboration with Beelen Sloopwerken BV and Bouwbedrijf Wessels Zeist B.V., we will be working on the beautiful transformation of PI59 in the upcoming period.

During the construction phase in 1973, asbestos-containing materials were used in the building. These materials will be remediated by Beelen. Prior to the internal demolition works, they first sanitise the asbestos applications that are present.

After removing the asbestos, Beelen will continue with the interior demolition work of the building, this strip work consists mainly of: installations, inner walls, window frames, floor finishes and ceilings. The existing facade will be left intact during the interior demolition work. The demolition of the facade will be carried out in a later stadium. They will, however, make a number of openings in the left side and back of the façade in order to be able to remove the demolition material that is released via the façade. The demolition work will be carried out manually and mechanically, starting at ground level, working from the bottom up. A number of container depots will be set up at ground level within the site layout to dispose of the demolition material that will be removed.

Once almost all interior demolition work is completed Beelen will start with the removal of the exterior façades. Firsthey will start with the façade at the back, then the right and left side façades and finally the front façade. This is a deliberate choice and this part of the facade serves as a buffer to the surrounding area to limit dust and noise pollution. In the end all outer walls, consisting of prefabricated concrete elements, from ground level to the roof will be removed. First, the window frames are removed followed by the concrete elements.

The removal of the main entrance and removal of the ramp at the back of the building is being carried out in collaboration with the main contractor Wessels Zeist. In this phase, starting mid July, the contractor will also install sheet piling on the southern side of the building to enable various demolition activities at the garden floor.

In the upcoming period, a lot will happen around the development of PI59. Do you like to follow it closely? We will regularly inform you about the development of the beautiful transformation of PI59. Stay tuned!

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